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How the Black Diamond Gala Dinner Galla Dinner got its name

Rohan and his wife Toni Milne have been part of the Lifeline WA story since the early days of the business they started in 2007 - Rohan Jewellery.

What started as the seed of an idea over drinks with friends in the couple’s backyard, has grown into a standout event on WA’s philanthropic calendar, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Lifeline WA provide essential crisis support services.

The first year of the event, Rohan and Toni generously donated a stunning piece of jewellery with a black diamond in its centre and the name the Black Diamond Gala Dinner was born.   


For WA-born Rohan, each piece of jewellery he has made in support of Lifeline WA has been a chance to reflect on the day, many years ago, he heard a school friend had died by suicide. 

“I think back to that moment and wonder, if he had had the opportunity to talk to someone, would he still be with us today,” Rohan said. 

“I know that if I needed it, Lifeline WA is there, and I’d feel comfortable talking to someone. To have someone to talk to in that moment of crisis could make all the difference; that there is someone willing to listen.” Rohan said. 

“While the growth of our business over the years means I don’t get to spend so much time at the workbench, it does mean we can continue to give back every year. We are delighted to be able to contribute and raise money to help Lifeline WA provide support and hope to those in crisis.” Rohan said. 

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RWP - 2022 Diamond Gala0520.jpg
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Lifeline WA Help Seeker

"I now get to see my grandkids grow up. I am so grateful for your service and the way the lady spoke to me with compassion and without judgement. Many Thanks."

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